It is undeniable that online shopping becomes so popular today and it grows significantly as the time goes on. Online shopping is also not only about selling and buying products, but you can also sell or buy a service. In addition, online shopping is also supported by the ease of payment process in which buyers can conduct a transaction via bank transfer or virtual payment. The product categories for sale on online shopping also vary and seller can also choose some ways or media to sell their products online.

The Development of Online Shopping

Formerly, online shopping was not so popular because internet access was limited and only covered the urban area. But, today everybody has a smartphone that is connected to the internet. In the first beginning, most of the online stores use simple websites to sell products. In this era, everybody can build their own website or use social media networks to run their own online shops.

Some Ways to Sell Products Online

There are several ways or media that you can actually use to sell your products online, and you can even use all of these following media:

·       Websites

Most of today’s online stores use websites to sell their products online. The website becomes the most effective way to promote and get a lot of customers because the owner can give the product details along with the images so it can attract new buyers. We can take some examples of popular e-commerce websites that have a lot of buyers or customers worldwide such as Amazon, Alibaba, Shopee, eBay, Lazada, and much more.

·       Social Media Networks

For some small online stores, they may not enough money to build a good website, so they prefer to sell their products online via social media networks. Social media network becomes the simplest way to sell products online. In this case, you can use some social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can simply create an account with your business name and then just promote your products. In addition, you can also utilize social media platform based on apps such as BBM, Whatsapp, and LINE.

·       Blogs

If you want to sell something online while you cannot build a website, a blog can also be a good choice as your media to promote your product. Most of the small online shops that cannot afford to build a website prefer to use a blog to run an online store because it is free. This blog is basically like a website, but it is simpler. However, it is not easy to find customers by using a blog because most buyers will find a trustworthy seller that has an official website.